Safety Information

Safety Philosophy

Safety is central to everything we do. To focus on safety, every day and on every project, we address:

  • The health and welfare of clients, residents, property managers, and team members;
  • Equipment and tools, including safety harnesses
  • Procedures and work conditions, such as comprehensive reporting for any injuries or health issues and a safety manual for all employees.


  • California State Law Sb 198 Declaration
  • EPA Lead-Safe certified firm NAT-121732-1
  • Complete OSHA compliance

Safety Officer and Meetings:

  • Our safety officer is Robert Fromdahl who focuses on driving safety measures and practices on a daily basis.
  • Our entire team attends a weekly Safety Tailgate Meeting. Here, we talk about various safety topics and how to put safety first in everything we do.
  • Every project is regularly inspected to enforce our safety practices, including checking that orange safety cones and yellow hazard tape marks off project areas and ensures the safety of those in the area.

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