Repair & Replacement

Wood and Iron Repair and Replacement

Across all the segments we serve — commercial, industrial, HOA and Multi-Family — our services go much deeper than just the surface paint.

Our team is skilled at wood and iron repair and replacement:

  • Wood repair and replacement services include trim, fascia boards, fencing, and siding.

  • Iron repair and replacement services include fabrication and spot replacement of metal fencing and railings.

Our additional work prepares your property for painting. Across all the segments, we serve: commercial, industrial, HOA, and Multi-Family. Our prep work includes repairing and replacing any materials that are not up to our quality standard, including wood, composite, masonry, stucco, and metal materials.

When you work with Unlimited Painting Inc., you also receive project specifications, a range of potential solutions based on your budget and goals, and a project scope as well as a project schedule.

Additional services include:

  • Wood and iron replacement

  • Fences and patio cover rebuilds

  • Stucco and masonry repairs

  • Door and drywall replacement

  • Deck replacement

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